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"The Defender" Artist's Proof Canvas Giclée
from 225.00

A strong image of a bugling bull elk, "The Defender" was selected into the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's Premiere Art Program in 2015 and is now available as an exclusive Artist's Proof Edition. With a predominantly cool blue color palette contrasted with warm hints of early morning sunlight, this piece really stands out on the wall.

Edition: 50 Signed and Numbered Artist's Proof Canvas Giclées
Dimensions: Framed: 24.5"x18.5", Unframed: 18"x12"

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"Yukon Gold" Artist's Proof Canvas Giclée
from 350.00

The fifth of Ryan’s paintings to be featured on the cover of Outdoor Life Magazine, this iconic image of a bull moose celebrates their "Adventure Issue.” As the massive bull splashes through the shallows, a trio of hunters round a bend in the shoreline, their guide holding the boat steady with one oar and holding the other above his head in an attempt to decoy the bull and stop him long enough for a shot. This painting is a true symbol of remote wilderness adventure and the exhilarating moment of truth.

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All prints are hand stretched, framed, signed and numbered. The first 20 prints sold include a signed copy of the magazine.

This canvas is available framed or unframed. The framed option, "Mahogany with Liner," is a wood finish with mahogany tones and comes complete with a linen liner.

Edition: 100 Signed and Numbered Canvas Giclées

Dimensions: Framed: 28"x34", Unframed: 21"x27"

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