Ryan Kirby Art

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a canvas giclée?

The term "giclée" simply refers to the printing process used to create a fine art print. A canvas giclée is framed and displayed just like an original oil painting, with none of the matting or glass protection used in framing a paper print. Our giclées are printed with high-quality archival inks on canvas using a high-resolution large format inkjet printer. Our premium inks produce images with smooth tones and rich colors, making these prints ideal for extraordinary presentations. Unframed canvas giclées come mounted or stretched over stretcher bars, ready to be framed. Framed canvas giclées come ready to hang on the wall.

Does my canvas giclée or print come framed?

Canvas giclées are available for purchase either framed or unframed. Framed canvas giclées have the appearance of an original oil painting, with no matting or glass, and come with hanging hardware already installed. They're ready to hang on the wall right out of the box. Unframed canvas giclées come stretched over stretcher bars and are easy to frame. Customers who purchase an unframed giclée are responsible framing.

Paper prints are only available unframed. They are secured to mat board to resist bending, folding or other damage during shipping. Customers who purchase a paper print are responsible for matting and framing under glass. We encourage paper print buyers to use a high quality UV resistant conservation glass to resist fading. 

Each canvas and paper print is carefully packaged for secure shipping.

What is an Artist's Proof Edition of prints?

Often artists and galleries will offer several different editions of the same print. For example, they might offer an Artist's Proof edition of 200, a special collector's edition of 500, and then the main edition of 2,000, all of the exact same piece of artwork. The Artist's Proof is typically the smallest edition and refers to the first series of prints off the press. Ryan's Artist's Proof Editions can only be purchased here on this site, come signed and numbered, and are often produced in extremely limited, valuable edition sizes. Most of Ryan's Artist's Proof Editions are less than 100 prints. 


What is an Artist's Remarque?

This is the ultimate way to add one-of-a-kind value to a print. An Artist's Remarque (different artists and galleries may use different terminology) is a custom embellishing of the print by the artist. It may be a pencil sketch, a small color sketch done in acrylic, or a handwritten message to the recipient of the print. Most importantly, it's original - no other buyer will have the same remarque as you do, no matter how many of the prints are sold.

On a paper print, Ryan does a remarque in the white margin at the bottom left of the print. When matting and framing, the matting is cut lower or notched out to go around the Artist's Remarque and make sure that all parts of it are showing. Remarques are available on any paper print for an additional $50.

I don't see a print I'm interested in? Is it available?

We are continually updating and expanding our selection of prints, so new pieces are available all the time. However, we do try to keep the website as up to date as possible. Our online selection typically matches our current inventory or prints. However, if you don't see a print you're interested in, please let us know via email and we'll do our best to accommodate.

Does Ryan take on commissioned work?

When a collector requests and pays the artist to paint a personal piece of art specifically for their wall, this is referred to as a commissioned painting. Ryan does take on some commissioned work, but only if wildlife is the main subject. He works with the buyer to get an idea of their wants and needs, pitches them on an idea and provides a digital mock-up for the buyer to approve before beginning the painting process. We ask for a 50% deposit and the remaining 50% upon completion. The purchase price of the painting does not include copyright to the artwork unless compensation for this is agreed upon beforehand.

What is included with the purchase of my original oil painting?

Original paintings include large, high quality framing for a great presentation, hardware installed for hanging, and custom crating for safe and secure shipment. The customer is responsible for paying shipping costs. The purchase price of the painting does not include copyright to the artwork unless compensation for this is agreed upon beforehand.

How does Ryan price his original works?

Originals are priced by the size of the painting, with a minimum of $2,000. Ryan typically paints in canvas sizes from 20"x24" (around $3,400) to 30"x50" (around $10,500) and everywhere in between. 

What is your return policy on apparel?

We try to go above and beyond to produce great apparel for our customers. Apparel that you'll want to wear for years. We choose the highest quality materials and only display high quality photos to show you exactly what you'll be receiving when you purchase. All apparel purchases are final unless the piece is damaged in transit. We do not exchange clothing that is the wrong size or color, unless we made a mistake in preparing the order. Please choose size carefully and be aware that some items may run small. Damaged apparel can be exchanged within 30 days for a full replacement of the item purchased.

What is your return policy on prints?

We try to go above and beyond to show our customers exactly what they'll receive when they open their package from Ryan Kirby Art. We want you to be extremely satisfied with the artwork. All purchases are final unless the piece is damaged in transit or defective. Damaged or defective prints can be exchanged within 30 days for a full replacement of the purchased print.

I have a non-profit organization and would like a donation - does Ryan donate prints?

We do offer discounted prints for non-profit groups and love to help them out. If you have a non-profit and are looking to purchase a print for your benefit or auction, click here to submit a donation request form. Please be aware that we get hundreds of requests each year and that not all requests can be accommodated. Donation request forms will be processed within 24-48 hours and, if approved, you will receive a coupon code via email that can be used to purchase discounted prints in our online store.