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Thanks, Travis

Ryan KirbyComment

People often purchase my work as a gift, whether it be Christmas, Father's Day, a birthday or a special occasion. Recently a man named Bogdan reached out to purchase "Grandfather Gobbler" for his friend Travis, who was retiring from the Army after 24+ years of service. I include a handwritten thank you note with each print we sell, so as we spend Memorial Day celebrating the sacrifices brave men and women have made on our behalf, I thought it fitting to share my words to Travis on the brink of this next chapter of life. Thanks again, brother.


First off, congrats on retirement. I’m watching my parents transition into retirement themselves, and it’s great to see a new chapter of their lives unfolding, probably the most rewarding years they’ve ever had. I hope you have a similar experience and find new and challenging ways to spend your time. Definitely get out and enjoy the woods!

Second, thank you for your service to our country. Guys like you lace up military boots and pick up ARs so that guys like me can lace up hunting boots and pick up a paintbrush for a living. You’ve made personal and professional sacrifices over your military career that I (and millions of other Americans) will never have to face. We’re eternally grateful for that.

Your buddy Bogdan wanted you to have an extra special gift as you head into retirement, and I believe that “Grandfather Gobbler” is that gift. I hope it finds the perfect place on the wall and that you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed painting it. Thanks again for your service, and I wish you the best in the years to come.