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My 2017 Fall Classic Art Lineup

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The Warsaw Lions Fall Classic amazes me. 

I had always heard stories about the event, and always assumed it was a bit exaggerated..... But last year I had the opportunity to be there and see it in person. I was blown away. Their committee worked with eagerness and enthusiasm. The venue, a community gym, was transformed into a rustic fall setting with real centerpieces planted in driftwood, table cloths resembling gator skin, and wagon wheel chandeliers hanging from backboards. Wives and girlfriends served VIP tables with a smile, and even knew your name. They served 300+ people a dinner of steak and lobster, cooked to order. I'm telling you, it was impressive.

But what's most impressive is the energy of the attendees. The Fall Classic has become the social event of autumn, and people show up to have a good time and support the Lions Club. Most of the money stays local, so you can drive around town and actually see retaining walls, parks and other projects funded by the event. You know the names of the high school seniors that get the scholarship money. As a result, they've continued to set  fundraising records year after year.

I've traditionally sent an original oil painting and several prints to the auction, and 2017 is no different. With one exception: this year I'm sending TWO originals. Below is my art lineup for this year's event, with a little background info on each piece. I'm looking forward to seeing you all there next Saturday and making this the best Fall Classic yet. The event is next Saturday, October 7th at the Bott Center in Warsaw, IL. Click here for more info.


"Mr. Photogenic"

20"x24" Oil on Board

Each year at the Fall Classic, I bring my #1 of 100 print to auction at the event. This year, we're doing an original as well. "Mr. Photogenic" was the third painting to be featured on the cover of Outdoor Life Magazine and highlights Outdoor Life's "Dear of the Year," a 191" midwest brute. These originals are some of my most collectible work, and I look forward to seeing what it does at auction.


"Sign of the Tines"

24"x18" Oil on Board

Whitetail bucks during the rut are truly magnificent. They're strong, agile, athletic and aggressive. If you've ever witnessed a mature buck marking his territory with a rub or freshening a scrape, you know the power and awesome presence that they carry with them through the fall woods. This one-of-a-kind original shows a buck leaving the sign of his tines on an unfortunate tree atop a hardwood ridge. 



August 2017 Cover of Outdoor Life

21"x 27" Canvas Giclée, #1 of 100

The fourth cover I've done with Outdoor Life, this is one of those epic images that can only be captured in a Midwest corn field. Each year I send the first print of the Outdoor Life series to the Fall Classic, and this year is no different. Print #1 of 100.  


"Ringneck Refuge"

18"x12"" Canvas Giclée, #1 of 50

My earliest experience with pheasants was planting them for the pheasant trials at Smokin' Gun Hunt Club near my home. They're still one of my favorite birds to paint, and this brand new edition of canvas prints is one that I created just in time for fall. Print #1 of 100. 


"Final Approach"

21"x 28" Canvas Giclée, Open Edition

These mallards are making their final approach into a farm-country marsh on one of those cold, clear days in the fall. This piece looks great framed and is perfect for the farm country duck hunter.


"Fall Break"

20 x 30" Canvas Giclée, Open Edition

This trio is heading into the hardwoods, descending from higher elevations with a backdrop of vibrant fall foliage to set off their bright green heads. This is another piece that looks great framed, and even better on the wall of the die-hard duck hunter.